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House Passes Massie's HR 185 to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for International Visitors

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Congressman Thomas Massie, a member of the House Rules Committee, announces that the House of Representatives today passed legislation he introduced to end the COVID-19 vaccine mandate placed on international air visitors to the United States. Massie's legislation, HR 185, passed the House of Representatives on a bipartisan vote of 227-201. 220 Republicans and 7 Democrats voted to end Biden's mandate.

"I applaud the House for passing HR 185 to lift the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on legal international travelers arriving by air," said Congressman Massie. "The CDC's unscientific mandate is separating too many people from their families and has been doing so for far too long. It needs to end."

"No free country, other than the United States, requires international visitors to prove they've taken the COVID-19 vaccine," Congressman Massie continued. "This vaccine mandate is keeping families separated, hurting our economy, and preventing some of the best athletes in the world from competing here. We need to join the rest of the free world in returning to normal. Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and all of South and Central America have no such mandate. I urge the Senate to take up and pass my legislation quickly."

HR 185 prevents enforcement of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) order published in the Federal Register on April 7, 2022. The CDC order prohibits international travelers from entering the country unless they first show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. In addition, HR 185 bars the subsequent issuance of successor orders requiring travelers to prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccine to gain entrance to the United States.

The U.S. Travel Association, the national, non-profit organization representing all components of the travel industry, supports Congressman Massie's legislation. The organization's letter of support for HR 185 is available at this link

Additional Background:

January 12, 2023: Rep. Massie Introduces Bill to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for International Air Travelers

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