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Congressman Thomas Massie

Representing the 4th District of Kentucky

Rep. Massie at Gruber Hearing: "My Constituents are not your Children"

Dec 9, 2014
In The News

Rep. Thomas Massie (R – Ky.) gave Obamacare architect and ‘stupidity’ commenter Jonathan Gruber a taste of his own disdainful medicine Tuesday.

At a House committee hearing, Massie mercilessly used Gruber’s ethics training required by his professorship at MIT and his own written papers against him.

“Under what circumstances is it ethical to deceive someone for their own benefit?” Massie asked.

“I’m not aware of circumstances like that,” Gruber replied.

“Could you imagine, maybe, an adult could withhold information from children for their own benefit?” Massie continued.

“Uh, yes,” Gruber said.

“Now if you understand that, then you understand why my constituents are so offended by your proposition that it’s okay to deceive or obfuscate for somebody’s benefit. Compounding the insult that you delivered them is the fact that they pay your salary,” Massie said. “Do you understand fully why it was so insulting? You patronized them. You were condescending.”

“I was. I would agree,” Gruber interjected.

“And my colleagues on the Democrat side are upset with you simply because you committed candor. You said what they thought. You said what they were all thinking when they wrote Obamacare, that they knew what was best for my constituents,” Massie said. “I submit to you, my constituents are not your children and they have the right of self-determination.”

Massie also slammed Gruber with some of the professor’s own words on abortion and “positive selection.”

Watch the clip here: